Version 1.6.8 of Proxio Shipments has been released. The new version consists of many new features. You can download the new version from our client area.

Release notes:

   Version 1.6.8

   1. It is now possible to see direction on relations in Map
   2. Possibility to reset saved color setups
   3. Autoscale on X-axis in detail info panel
   4. Locking the scale in detail info panel to be able to compare different relations
   5. A summary panel in detail info panel when no map objects are selected
   6. A new data quality report
   7.  Bug fixes

   Version 1.6.7

   1.  In Map view it is now possible to change colors on relations
   2.  A new feature where you can automatically assign color to relations based on a column in grid
   3.  Possibility to save different color setups and selections of relations
   4.  Shipments in shipments tab now has links to raw data
   5.  Export of shipments now include all raw data columns
   6.  Improvements in geocoding engine
       a) Specific columns which helps identifying why geocoding fails
       b) Performance improvements
       c) Updated database which gives improved match
   7.  Possible to update location city, postal code and country with extracted data from geocoding result
   8.  Performance improvements for large files in map
   9. Show and hide to and from locations on map
   10. Possible to scale relations and locations manually
   11. Show and hide inbound and outbound locations
   12. Multiple bug fixes

   Version 1.5.3

   1.  A new map view which shows the transportation network
   2.  A detail info view which gives detailed information about selected locations or relations
   3.  Case report added which shows an overview of all relations
   4.  Animation of flow directions in the map view
   5.  Possibility to show and hide different elements in the map
   6.  Bug fixes