Proxio Systems and Sonat has entered into a partnership with the aim to together offer the best overall solution for invoice auditing.


Sonat has developed an advanced invoice control system where Proxio has delivered a component of the system solution. Proxio Tariffs is the system that caculates price for shipments based on the customers own transport contract. The flexibility of Proxio Tariffs makes all variants of price lists possible be stored in a cloud-based systems without the need to change them to fit into specific templates.

The fact that all price lists is stored centrally opens upp many possibilities. In Sonat's case, they work with large scale customers and is dependet on quick price calculations and a robust system thet gives the right cost every time.

“With this partnership, we can offer our customers a completely automated process to control transport invoices”, says Örjan Johnson, CIO at Proxio Systems.

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About Proxio

Proxio provides the Transport and Logistics World efficient tools for transportation visualization, analysis and simulation. Proxio provides solutions for companies to gain control of their transportation costs and to calculate the environmental impact.

About Sonat

Sonat is a leading supply chain management development partner. We offer fourth party logistics and consulting services in supply chain management with particular focus on retail and the manufacturing industry.

For more information, contact:

Örjan Johnson
CIO Proxio Systems
+46 (0)31 60 77 11
Kjell Rundqvist
CIO Sonat
+46 (0)8 20 27 40