Why Proxio Emissions

Proxio Emissions gives you the ability to measure your emission load for your transports. This means that you can allocate the emissions that the transport is responsible for a specific shipment or for a route.

If you want to improve, you have to be able to measure outcomes. If you want to measure outcomes you need a method that can be repeated and that you can trust. Proxio Emissions complies with standard ISO 14083  and bases its calculation model on data in this standard. This makes it easy to connect your transport to the correct emission profile.

Proxio Emissions has been developed in close collaboration with the Network for Transport Measures, NTM. NTM is a non-profit association that was initiated in 1993 to create a common value foundation for how environmental performance for different modes of transport should be calculated.


Proxio Emissions is developed from the ground up to run in the cloud. All you need is a modern web browser.


Proxio keeps track of changes and automatically updates the system for you. You as a customer will always have the latest version.


The system is pre-configured with emission profiles based on the standard ISO 14083. Easily map your transport routes to emission profiles and the calculation will be done automatically.



Use the system for strategic purposes to aggregate the total emission load for a given time interval, or to plan new routes with the environment in focus.


Increase your ambitions in your RFQ process. Start evaluating your transport options with regard to emissions in addition to price like most others.


By linking emission profiles to price lists in Proxio Tariffs you can have both price and emission load. This allows you to base your choice of shipping method on both price, lead time and environmental impact.


It becomes really powerful if you integrate Proxio Emissions into your booking routines and operationally let the system tell you which transport options are available for a shipment. Let the system automatically ensure that you follow the strategies you have set up for each booking, for example by weighing the price against the environmental impact before booking your transport.


To get full functionality from other systems such as business systems, TMS or TA systems, Proxio Emissions has an API that allows maximum flexible integration.


  • Graphical interface for managing your emission profiles.
  • Emissions Calculator
  • Route analysis tool
  • Simulate and batch analyse. For example, all transports for one year in Excel.
  • Supports all modes of transport: Railway, Flight, Sea, Road
  • Built to handle multi-modal layouts. Example Truck -> Boat -> Railway -> Truck
  • Pre-configured emission profiles for all modes of transport
  • Create your own emission profiles
  • Distance Calculation
  • Emissions that are calculated are:
    CO2total, CO2fossil, CO2biogen, CO2e, SO2, CO, HC, CH4, NOx N2O, PM och Energi

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