Take control of logistics planning and transport flows

To have control and visibility of logistics planning and transport flows is important when it comes to be effective. We have the tool you need. Proxio Shipments are a logistics system that has been used successfully by logistics consultants for many years.

Right now the software used by both transport sellers och transport buyers in eight countries.

Logistics system with the user in focus

Proxio Shipments is developed together with end users and is easy to learn and highly user-friendly. The program has no requirements on specific databases or data formats. Moreover, it is very time-saving when doing data cleaning and center of gravity analysis.

This logistics system gives you KPI:s for policy decisions and a good basis for discussions with carriers.

Spend your time on the right things

The strength of Proxio Shipments is that you can easily get quality assured data and results you can trust. This means that you can spend time and effort in change management and analysis, instead of assemble and quality assurance of the data you need.
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It´s well known that if you have bad data in you will have bad data or decisions coming out. Proxio Shipments is designed with this in mind. Shipments has a lot of functionality which helps you clean your adress data. You can import data from different systems and merge it before moving on resolving other quality issues. Shipments has a built geo coding and map engine which helps you fix bad adress rows and identify misspellings etc.


Proxio Shipments has been developed to quick and easy go from complex tabular shipments statistics to a visual representation, which makes it easy to understand and evaluate your current transportation setup. Many customers we have meet have been surprised by the facts that Proxio Shipments reveals. Proxio Shipments can also be used as a live tool during discussions to communicate complex logistic issues.


By using Proxio Shipments Pro as the tool for analyzing your transportation setup you can easily do complex centre of gravity (CoG) analysis. You could do the analysis on any subset of locations in your setup. You can also use different units as basis for the calculation, e.g. weight, volume, cost. You can improve the accuracy even more by baseing your analysis on real road distances.


Proxio Shipments has a built in advanced filtering mechanism which together with the KPI values can be used to pinpoint interesting areas for improvement.

In a fast and simple way, Shipments turns large amounts of transport statistics into a visual representation of a complex transport network. Very suitable for dialogue with customers, and a key to further in-depth analysis.

Søren Schulian, 2S Management

We have saved hours of work, created more reliable data, better conditions for our sellers and buyers in negotiations by doing everything from simple map images to sophisticated analyzes of location and relational data in Proxio Shipments. For us it has resulted in lower purchasing costs and higher margins, reduction of unnecessary spending, more time to spend on value-added work and more stimulated employees. In two days the investment paid back out.

Sofia Rosberg, Selector Solutions


You can download and try our software free of charge. The demo is fully functional with all features enabled but is restricted to handle 100 rows of shipments statistics.

This way you evaluate the system on your own. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Proxio Shipments

  • Unlimited statistic and data sheets
  • Vizualisation on map
  • Geocoding and adress cleaning
  • Map layouts
  • Export data
  • Optional Proxio Tariff freight cost module

Proxio Shipments Pro

  • Unlimited statistic and data sheets
  • Vizualisation on map
  • Geocoding and adress cleaning
  • Map layouts
  • Export data
  • Proxio Tariff freight cost module
  • Cross docks and via routes
  • Real road distances
  • Reports and CO2 footprint
  • Center of gravity analysis (CoG)

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