1. Here maps provider. Faster, more reliable and better look and feel.
  2. Simple gray map mode
  3. Mini map for simple overview and navigation
  4. Zoom toolbar
  5. Fixed bug when creating reports and having negative cost in raw data
  1. Major improvements in Geocoding
  2. Geocoding now is a centrilized service which means that it will always be up-to-date without any need for updating the installation.
  3. No need for big bulky MapPoint installation.
  4. Local cache which dramatically improves the geocoding speed.
  5. Much improved routing engine which covers the whole world instead of just only Europe
  6. New fields in Relations tab with Distance and Modality (preparations for next release :)
  1. Proxio Shipments now comes in two editions with different features enabled.
  2. Installation package bug fixed.
  3. Case report now have templates for doing CO2 calculations for different modalities
  4. Case report preformance improvements
  5. Case report is now created as an Excel file instead of an Word file.
  6. Proxio watermark on map
  1. Updated online licensing so that multiple users are allowed on the same machine.
  2. Export functionality for releation week overview added. You can export to clipboard and then paste into any document.
  3. New report added; Shipments Data Report. You can either use automatic reporting where 10 intervals are calculated or set up to 30 user defined intervals.
  4. Centre of gravity analysis now shows on map even if arriving or departing location are hidden.
  5. Map data is now stored on Proxio servers. No need for local installation
  6. New look and feel
  7. Bug fixes

New online license handling has been added. All old users need to update thier licenses to the new system.
Just follow the information in the license dialog!
The new online license management system will be managed centrally which means that you as a customer do not
need to update your license key manually.

Road distance mappoint setting can now be changed using a settings file.
The default setting is "Preferred" with no changes to the sliders (see Mappoint->Route->Route options->Segments->Preferred road types).
The user can change these setting by putting a xml settings file in the Proxio application data folder
(usually found in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Proxio). The name of the file must be called MapPoint.xml.

This is an example of a settings file for selecting the shortest route.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<MapPointRouting preference="shortest"/>

This is an example of a settings file for selecting the quickest route.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<MapPointRouting preference="quickest"/>

This is an example of a settings file for selecting a route with a given preferred road types.
The values specified should be between 0 and 1 with 1 being a highly preferred road type.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<MapPointRouting preference="preferred"/>
<preferred RoadToll="0.5" RoadInterstate="0.5" RoadOtherHighway="0.5" roadArterial="0.5" Roadferry="0.5"/>

  1. Map setups have been reworked. A map setup now contains all the settings from the map menu (like relation direction etc).
  2. Location label texts doesn't overwrite each other in the map.
  3. A context menu is available when right clicking in the map. It contains for example Copy map to clipboard (Ctrl+C).
  4. Relations tab now contains a button to get the road distance of a relation.
    • This uses MapPoint routing engine.
    • If a route can not be found air distance will still be used.
  5. Reports now contain both air and road distance where applicable.
  6. The user can report suspicious geocoding results by selecting that command when right clicking in the locations tab.
  1. It is now possible to see direction on relations in Map
  2. Possibility to reset saved color setups
  3. Autoscale on X-axis in detail info panel
  4. Locking the scale in detail info panel to be able to compare different relations
  5. A summary panel in detail info panel when no map objects are selected
  6. A new data quality report
  7. Bug fixes
  1. In Map view it is now possible to change colors on relations
  2. A new feature where you can automatically assign color to relations based on a column in grid
  3. Possibility to save different color setups and selections of relations
  4. Shipments in shipments tab now has links to raw data
  5. Export of shipments now include all raw data columns
  6. Improvements in geocoding engine
    • Specific columns which helps identifying why geocoding fails
    • Performance improvements
    • Updated database which gives improved match
  7. Possible to update location city, postal code and country with extracted data from geocoding result
  8. Performance improvements for large files in map
  9. Show and hide to and from locations on map
  10. Possible to scale relations and locations manually
  11. Show and hide inbound and outbound locations
  12. Multiple bug fixes
  1. A new map view which shows the transportation network
  2. A detail info view which gives detailed information about selected locations or relations
  3. Case report added which shows an overview of all relations
  4. Animation of flow directions in the map view
  5. Possibility to show and hide different elements in the map
  6. Bug fixes