Flexible with many features

Proxio Tariffs is the most flexible program for shipping costs and lead times. You can load your transport contract and produce your own price lists. In addition, the program simplifies your work by preconfigured carrier services and allows you to compare your transportation flow with selected contract.

Bring Tariffs everywhere

Of course you can bring Proxio Tariffs everywhere. It works on all devices and is easily accessible via, for example, mobile phone or tablet. The program can also be integrated into other systems such as TA, TMS, financial systems, ERP and warehouse management and more.

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Proxio Tariffs is developed from the ground up to run in the cloud. All you need is a web browser.


Proxio keeps the transport services in the system updated when the carrier makes changes. You as a customer will always have updated agreements in the system.


As a user you do not need to know about complex price lists. The system is pre-configured with carrier services. Just upload your transport agreement and the system deals with the complexity.



The Analysis Module allows a user to upload shipping information in a predefined Excel format and calculate freight cost for each shipment. Pricing can be done either based on carrier, service or by a specific price list. Evaluate tender information and simulate how the price lists will affect your transportation need. Evaluate whether your shipments have been booked with the most optimal service. How much can you earn if you book smarter?


Perform freight cost calculation on a shipment by shipment basis. Do spot-checks and evaluate all the price components building up the total freight cost. Proxio Tariffs will show details on all surcharges and add-on cost. This makes it possible to evaluate how the surcharges affects your prices and can give you a hint on what to focus on in an RFQ.


If your shipments are diverse in its kind and you have a lot of price lists it is nearly impossible to book the cheapest carrier service without support from a software like Proxio Tariffs. In the long run you will loose a lot of money and you will never find out that you quite easily could have avoided it. For the average medium sized transport buyer you will save approximately 10% - 20% on a yearly basis by using the right carrier service in the right situation. Proxio Tariffs will help you with this task. If you are doing your bookings from a TMS, no problem, Proxio Tariffs have an integration mechanism to other systems. Try it out. We are sure ROI will come in the first couple of months.


Proxio Tariffs is built with invoice control in mind. To be able to make an appropriate invoice control you need to have four components. 1) Data on the shipments as you booked it 2) Data on the shipment as the carrier registered it 3) The price that your price list says you should pay, including all price components 4) The price that the carrier invoiced you. With Proxio Tariffs you will have full support to carry this out. Combined with a TMS you will have a complete solution for this and much, much more.


To access the functionality of Proxio Tariffs from other systems, such as ERP systems or a transport optimization system such as Proxio Explorer, Proxio Tariffs feature a flexible and open API, Application Programming Interface, has been built. This lets you integrate the power of Proxio Tariffs into your system and benefit from always knowing what price to pay for freight and which price list to use.


  • Agreements - Upload carrier agreements in Excel format
  • Create Tariff - Interpret uploaded agreements and create your own price lists
  • Carrier services - Bundled with pree configured carrier services
  • Freight cost calculation - Execute queries towards a specific price list
  • Multi freight cost calculation - Execute queries towards several or all your price lists
  • Distance calculation
  • Analysis - Calculate freight cost for your shipments in a pre-defined excel sheet
  • Invoice control

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