Emission calculation system

Just over 1 year ago, we introduced the opportunity to link an emissions profile to a price list or tariff. This made it possible to get both detailed freight price and emission load directly in the freight calculator or via integration.

Now we have expanded the functionality and can proudly offer emission calculation as a standalone product. The system calculates according to the European standard EN 16258 and you get detailed reports showing CO2 total, CO2 fossil, CO2 biogen, CO2e, SO2, CO, HC, CH4, NOx N2O, PM and Energy.

The system allows you to:

  • Create weekly, monthly or annual reports for your freight
  • Evaluate your suppliers with regard to greenhouse gas emissions
  • Do route analyzes and optimize your transport network based on environmental impact
  • Integrate with Proxio Tariffs to be able to evaluate price and emissions when choosing carrier
  • Handles sea, air, rail and road
  • Easily links shipment to actual route in multimodal setups

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