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Get introduced to Proxio Tariffs - Freight cost calculation, benchmarking and invoice control in the cloud

Is your company buying transport services? Do you know what price to pay and what freight service to use?


The webinar in Proxio Tariffs as a tool for Freight Cost Calculation will be held in Microsoft Lync and to access the webinar please click the link below. We recommend you to enter the link about 5-10 minutes in advance to ensure that the program works and that you have access to the webinar. No registration is required to use Microsoft Lync. All that is needed is to fill in your name when the program is asking for it and approve all questions from the setup program.

Estimated time for the session is about 45 minutes.

Upcoming seminars 2014-2015:

  • Thursday December 18th at 14.00 CET
  • Wednesday January 14th at 8.30 CET
  • Friday January 23rd at 13.30 CET

Presenter at the seminars will be Adisa Dervisic, logistics consultant at Proxio. She will share with you her experience of freight cost management in practice and how to improve the process using Proxio Tariffs.

To get an invite to the seminar of your choise, please send your contact information in an email to info@proxio.se.

Click here to watch an introduction in Youtube.